The WV Construction manufacturing facility is located in Windhoek and the company undertakes construction projects in any location in Namibia. The mission of WV Construction is to offer a cost effective and efficient solution to provide the Namibian people with high quality housing, from the low to high income sectors.

WV Construction also specialises in providing various construction solutions, both to government institutions and the private sector. WV Construction is proud to be involved in the uplifting and improving of educational, medical and government facilities. These include, but is not limited to hospitals, clinics, schools and community centers. The WV Construction solutions are ideal for remote location developments such as mine workers accommodation or any rural facilities.

WV Construction has undertaking to gain a larger portion of the roof truss market in Namibia and can assist with the creation of roof trusses from design stage to final delivery as well as with installation on site.

Bringing efficient and affordable construction
solutions to the Namibian people

The advantages of LSFB include, but is not limited to the following


  • Fast
  • Dimensionally accurate – everything fits
  • Minimal wastage and rework
  • Durable – steel inside building envelope has a predicted life of > 100 years
  • Light weight – logistical and handling costs reduced
  • Energy efficient – range of insulation options
  • Flexibility – can be built in stages, alterations
  • Additional (~ 4%) floor space
  • Installation of services
  • Predictable - accurate costing
  • Earlier occupation
  • Minimal scrap / waste
  • Logistical cost advantage
  • Energy efficient - insulation


  • Tried & tested – US, Europe, Australia
  • Complies with the rational design requirements of the SA NBR
  • Structurally sound - each structure is signed off by an engineer
  • Only quality certified materials are to be used
  • Can accommodate imperfect foundation conditions, sloping sites
  • Frames are normally assembled under controlled factory conditions
  • Thermal insulation superior to double skin brick walls
  • Materials used are fire resistant

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